For many individuals moving to London from America keeping housing expenses to a bare minimum is required making finding flats for less essential.  While having one’s own flat is the preference that is not always possible with this being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. For those who want to enjoy their time living in London but can’t foot an apartment’s rent consider the options below.


This is a popular choice for students and those working and staying here for a short period (less than six months). In the States we would call this renting a room.  While bedsits are typically furnished, which saves a lot of money for those moving to London with only a suitcase and the clothes on their backs, they do not offer private bathrooms or kitchens.  Those are communal.  Utilities are included in the rent although electricity is often times not.

House share

A house share is very similar to a bedsit arrangement except that there is a certain amount of socialization assumed with a house share.  Whereas a bedsitting situation does not expect or necessarily encourage socialization among the tenants of a house a house sharing situation works because everyone gets along and works together.  This is something to consider if answering an ad for a house share vacancy.  In a house share situation utilities are split evenly but fluctuate month to month.  Some house shares are furnished but most are not.

Youth Hostels

Hostels are designed for short term use.  They are very social and communal properties. The up side is that they are incredibly affordable as a short term housing arrangement.  For those Americans moving to London for the first time not sure in what part of the city to live there are several great hostels near the center of the city that may be the best option for the first few weeks. Those Americans just arriving in London and not sure of their length of stay short term accommodations will probably be the best decision they could make.  When renting London flats a large deposit is often required as well as the signing of a contract (usually one year or longer).  Finding London flats for lessis difficult but worth the effort if money is an issue or if the length of one’s stay is undetermined.

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