Considered one of the best areas to rent house, North London offers beautiful parks, incredible shopping areas and exhilarating nightlife that can all be accessed from mostly plush to outright elaborate neighborhoods. Several areas contain a large concentration of millionaires so you know that neighborhoods are exceptional. However, house rental prices reflect the high end benefits of living in these areas so you may want to solicit help from London Relocation when you begin your search.

Guide to North City Neighborhoods

Many people that move to the city want to know the best areas to rent house North London. However, even though this area of the city is most desirable, there are still some dodgy areas best avoided. Following are some of the best areas in which to search.

Hampstead and Golder’s Green – These two areas are where Britain’s crème de la crème hang their hats. Having the highest concentration of millionaires, these neighborhoods are exquisitely plush, but also incredibly expensive. Bounds Green or Wood Green are a bit lower key and offer more reasonable rent house North London options.

West Hampstead, Cricklewood and Kilburn – Across the Finchley Road divide lay the neighborhoods of West Hampstead, Cricklewood and Kilburn. These areas are much more affordable and down to earth than the millionaire neighborhoods. However, homes begin to get fancier and prices climb towards south Kilburn as you get closer to Central London.

Islington – This is both the name of a town as well as one of the city’s boroughs. Both are home to a large population of young professionals and both are considered high end with great shopping, pubs and antique shops as well as a great nightlife.

Highgate – Located on the beautiful Hampstead Heath, Highgate offers a wealth of greenery as well as nice, quaint shops and outstanding pubs. Nearby Hornsey as well as Finchley, Muswell Hill and Crouch End are also quiet areas that are ideal for families.

Camden – Both a town and borough hold the name of Camden (like Islington). This area is the blemish of the northern section of the city and, although it offers occasional sweet spots, it also houses some very dodgy areas where rent is much cheaper, but the surroundings reflect it. Other rough areas to avoid lay in Holloway.

Finding the best areas to rent house North London can be best achieved by utilizing the services of London Relocation and its team of professional agents. We can get you the best deals as well as steer you clear of unpleasant areas.

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