Author: Colleen

The streets of London are haunted.  Sitting in a taxi last night as it maneouvred through my borough, I looked upon the familiar sights and saw ghosts of my relocation past.  Happy now to be assisting other people moving internationally, I can focus on them and bury my own memories, but this night they came back to haunt me.  I drove past the hotel where I lived for three weeks because I hadn’t found a flat prior to moving (and I hadn’t found a flat prior to moving because I didn’t know when I could move because I didn’t know when I would finally get my visa); it was nice enough, but when it comes to your everday existence, “vintage,” in plain terms, means OLD, and “cozy” means SMALL, so I knew I couldn’t continue long in such confined space eating out at pubs every night for lack of a kitchen.  As for finding a flat, with no corporate relocation assistance, I had no idea where to even begin.  I simply defaulted to my hotel’s neighbourhood for the convenience of walking into local lettings agencies (which I then learned don’t use MLS, so only deal with their own listed landlords in their immediate area) and supplemented the search with Gumtree.  The decentralisation of this approach was confusing, stressful, and required a couple weeks–in the end, I viewed 23 properties, ultimately choosing the 23rd one, yet still I could not move in for another two weeks.  Because I didn’t know what move-in date to expect for those few weeks, my moving company had to keep my possessions in storage on the U.S. East coast, so when I could finally notify them of a precise date, they had scheduling conflicts that meant I would not see my belongings for a full 2 months after my initial move to London.  Yeah, I can look back on it now as a character-building experience that clearly didn’t kill me (well, except maybe for a bit of my spirit), so must’ve only made me stronger, but you know what?  When people tried to comfort me by saying, “Well, I guess it just shows you what you can really live without, doesn’t it?”  I responded every time, “No, no actually, it shows me exactly how much I need it!”

When you don’t have a home, you don’t have a sense of stability or even identity, really, when you don’t have a place to come back to that expresses who you are and brings you comfort and safety, ESPECIALLY when you’re in an entirely new country far from family, friends, and all things familiar.  It’s disorienting, preoccupying, and you just don’t feel like yourself–I wouldn’t ever want to experience this again, and London Relocation Services will ensure that YOU won’t have to for even a first time…18-25 properties in 1 DAY, with move-in within 1-3 DAYS will guarantee that.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS