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Just an FYI, location-centric properties in central London tend to keep the value…even with the credit crunch…

If it Kicks, it’s a Donkey!!! Same goes with houses and flats here. The awesome deal really does not exist, unless your parents or grandparents own the flat!

I own London Relocation and have been busier than ever this year (mildly scared of horrific stories of bread lines). I work to work, and so do a majority of people that I place.

Here’s the key:  Making sure you listen to the client, then promise. If I can’t help, I’ll tell you. If I can…

You’ll be placed in a property that you’ll be happy with in not only 3 months, but the duration of your stay in this beautiful city.

Now, let’s keep in mind…I’m the best at what I do…Heavyweight material…
My clients are American, Canadian, German, and so on. These cultures that country hop look for the best for their money, and I give it to them

So do note—you get what you pay for.

Service is exactly that, and at London Relocation we serve.

Anthony Gallo
Owner of London Relocation

Anthony Gallo-London Relocation
Anthony Gallo-London Relocation


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