It should no longer be news that finding an apartment in London is strenuous. For Non UK citizens who have used the relocation services of a property relocation agent who are ready to help them find a flat in London,they would not have to worry about going through the hassle. However, there are thousands of people relocating to London on their own and are in search of the right information that will guide them to finding a good rental apartment in London. There are lot of resources that have the information of what you need to do but none will tell you what you should not do.

The first advice is this – don’t frown at sharing apartment. It is understandable that not every one is a fan of sharing apartment with others but this is a certain way of saving yourself extra money that you can spend on buying items for the apartment.

First, don’t kill yourself over paper documents. Things have gone very digital and not that alone, it is strenuous passing forms and papers around to different people so they can have it signed. Rather than having to fear losing a contract, keeping a digital copy would be commended. Signing documents electronically when possible will be the best option to take. Situations will arise when urgency is needed and wasting time trying to get papers around will make you lose your the apartment.

Secondly, when you finally see a place that meets your expectation. If it satisfies your taste and the price is within your budget, or a little bit above it, don’t be too scared to request making an offer. Your agent will know everything about the apartment for rent and they would be able to inform you if your offer is good enough or not. You just may get to save some extra hundred pounds by summing up the courage to make an offer.

Do not rely solely on websites. There are quite a number of ad listing websites that carry advertisements of apartment rental. A few of them are scams while the rest, although safe, you would most probably not get any positive result from them. The best way to make use of these sites to get that desired result is to get the agent’s contact detail and set up a meeting. This is sure to give you a greater chance of getting a call back from them.

Finally, if you get to the point where you are scheduled for an apartment viewing, there is a great chance that you will be assigned an employee who would take care of you. To make things fast for yourself, ensure you are in contact with this employee and the employee alone. Involving other employees will do more to slow down your search. Get their personal phone number so that you can be sure of reaching them whenever the need arises.

Just as an extra which everyone should know without being told, don’t try to look for an apartment on your own in London.

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By BLOG | 23 Sep 2022 | General