There is something rather romantic about moving to London. It is a famous city and has a charm and culture all of its own. The reality of your relocation to London is that you’re going to have to do a lot of planning before you arrive. Many people choose to use the services of one of the professional London relocation agents to ensure that they are able to find accommodation quickly and settle in to life in London.

If you have not visited London before, you will need to do a little bit of research about the city. Everything you can learn about London will help you in planning where to stay and how to get around your new home town.

North, South, East or West?

London is famed for being one of the most diverse and fascinating cites in the world. A mix of traditional excellence and modern lifestyles blend in a seamless integration of culture. London is a city of travelers and you can expect to meet as many expats as you do native Londoners. At nearly 700 square miles and with a population of nearly 8 million people, it is large, busy and exciting.

As with any city there are desirable addresses and some not so fabulous areas, the trick is choosing a neighborhood that is right for you and your family.

North and West London are generally considered to be the up market areas. Suburbs like Notting Hill, and Camden is well appointed and known for its cultural and social life. Many Americans moving here will head straight for West London, it has become tremendously popular with Americans and Canadians and is has excellent schools and facilities that are geared to an expat community. This could be important to you if you are planning your relocation to London with a young family.

South London is becoming popular among the upwardly mobile and is the playground of young urban professional. The new developments in the area have led to the construction of many American style condominium buildings. Wimbledon in particular has shown a massive amount of development over recent years with the addition of a new shopping mall and better transport links into the centre of London.

Making the choice of where to live is not easy, but with expert help and objective advice from your London relocation agents you be able to find your slice of “England’s green and pleasant land” in no time at all.

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