For people planning their relocation to London the question of health care and hospitals is an important one. No one plans on getting ill or being hospitalized and far too often it is left too late and you’re signing away your life in the emergency room at 3 am. If you’re moving to London with your family, you may want consider investing in some health insurance that will cover you through the weeks and even months while you are settling in.

Many Americans moving to London with children have two instructions to their London relocation services agent. “My home must be close to a hospital or doctor and close to a school. If you’re looking around by yourself, it can take months to fill that requirement.

You may be surprised at the high standard of public healthcare in the UK compared to your country of origin. Not many people have completely private health insurance, although some have a top-up scheme for dental work and other extra services. Everyone who is entitled to live in the United Kingdom is entitled to free health care. The public health care system is called the National Health and you are required by law to register at a doctor as soon as possible after moving to London. As soon as you are registered with your local doctor you will receive a National Health card and will not have to pay for consultations or prescribed medicines.

Registering with a doctor means that you are on the system and there will be no delay if you have to visit a hospital in your neighborhood. If you have a medical emergency and you are not registered with a local doctor the process can get complicated.

It may be that you are eligible for private healthcare through your relocation jobs package, but you will still have to register at a local doctor when you arrive in the city. If you have children it’s a great idea to have a check up with your doctor so he or she knows who you are, and if you have any ongoing medical issues that may need attention.

You don’t plan for your relocation to London to include any eventuality, but sensible planning will make sure that you’re covered no matter what happens.

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