If you’re planning your relocation to London with your family, the school year has just started! September signals the start of the school year; everyone is back from the long summer holidays and business is very much back into the swing of things in London.

Choosing a school when you are moving to London should be done in conjunction with choosing a home and suburb of the city. If you do have young children who are going to be entering the education system, you need to make sure that your home falls into the catchment area of the school that you have chosen. Many Americans moving to London choose to keep their children in schools that follow the American curriculum, and this will influence the neighborhood that you live in.

Relocation to London can be a challenging process if you’ve never visited the city except as a tourist. If you have younger children, you may decide to put them in a local school for the duration of your stay in London. You will have to choose carefully; like every city in the world there are fantastic schools and not-so-fantastic schools. Using one of the London relocation services companies will help you find a great school and choose a property within the catchment area of the school.

It is important to remember that nearly all schools in the UK have a school uniform and you will have to purchase all of the items from a clothing store. Private schools usually have one or two ‘school outfitters’ that are designated the official uniform stocklist for the school. You are likely to pay quite a bit more to outfit your child for a private school. State schools have a generic uniform that is available from a number of high street clothing stores. Asda’s George has a range of ‘back to school’ items at reasonable prices as does Sainsbury’s ‘Back To School’ department.

The biggest cost will be the items that have the school badge on them: Blazer, sports clothes and tracksuits. The school will give you a list of what your child requires and you can shop around for lower cost items where you can.

Having information is the key to a successful relocation. Find resources that give you up to date and useful information when you are doing your relocation UK planning.

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