Imagine you’ve just arrived for your relocation to London and you’re ready to start your life’s new chapter.  While you may believe it could be difficult living in London without having anyone to call or get together with that you know, but you find yourself surprised.  As everyone you meet here isn’t from London but is from another country.  Won’t matter if you are a Canadian moving to London, or an American moving to London, you suddenly see that you are like everyone else, from someplace else.

London is an incredibly busy place and you find yourself wondering how you will find your way around, but pick up a tube map and schedule and find it’s not as bad as you had originally thought.  You find that it has something in common with New York: it’s completely borough driven.  Yes there are countless communities here where others have also completed their relocation UK.  You see that it is chocked full of activities, classes, and clubs.  Everything you can imagine has a location here, from the common everyday hobby to the absolute ridiculous meets and has a group here.  Living in London it’s easy to see now why there are such great communities, the layout of the city itself provides for this.  You see the lists of offerings and opportunities in your community center and town hall.  You decide that getting involved in your community is an excellent way to meet and mix with others living in London.

You find that sometimes you could become tempted to stay in contact with only other expatriates, and how you could miss a number of opportunities.  You’ve already contacted other Americans and Canadians living here, but decide you do need to spread your wings and immerse yourself in all of the local life as well.  Making this city your own and becoming fully adjusted you feel may take a while, but you can already feel such a part of one of the oldest cities in the world.

You decide you’re going to get out there and involve yourself in community outreach and other neighborhood activities.  Certainly it doesn’t seem to matter what community or suburb one is located living in London, there’s so many ways to completely delve in and become part of your new neighborhood.  You know now that the relocation was the chance of a lifetime and you are so glad you’re living here.

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