Started in 1948 the last time the great city of London hosted the Olympic Games the Paralympic Games kicks off with only a year to go to the beginning of the games.  In 1948 the World War was over and many of the British soldiers had become disabled in battle.  The Olympic Games of course gave the city a chance to shine and be the center of the world for a celebration of excellence, as it will in 2012.  In 1948 Dr. Ludwig Guttmann of Stoke Mandeville Hospital hosted a sporting competition for the veterans with spinal cord injuries, hence the start of the Paralympic Games.  Never again has the games been hosted in London until this coming year when it coincides with the Olympic Games in 2012.

Looking at photos of the Athletes Village, the Aquatic Center, and the stadium show that the city’s infrastructure has really coordinated everything in unison.  As builders and construction crews work against the clock for the start of the games.  While tickets will go on sale beginning tomorrow, the city is sure to be electric with excitement and jubilant in welcoming all the athletes beginning early next year.  Those living here now may not be so affected, depending on the Borough you live in, but there are sure to be increases in public transportation and many of the tourist areas.  Many of the said tourist attractions are in the areas that Americans moving here end up living in London.

London is not a stranger to the Paralympics, in the summer games of 1984 the event was held in the Stoke Mandeville, United Kingdom. In fact the games became an international event in 1952 when the Dutch entered athletes.  The pre-cursers to the Paralympics these games were also held in Stoke Mandeville at the same location and have been also referred to as the “Stoke Mandeville Games”.


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