Moving to a new city can be a challenging experience, and moving to London is no different. The difficulty that comes of adapting to a new environment; adjusting from a life that you’ve become accustomed to a new life in a new city; add to that all the effort you have to make to build your life from the bottom up again. All in all, it can be a thoroughly intimidating experience. One of the best things you can do is something that has worked for people moving to new climes since the Stone Age: a housewarming.

Essentially, it’s the kind of thing that can serve two functions, and all in a very enjoyable manner. For one thing, moving can very stressful. What better way to relax and unwind after all the effort you’ve made in moving than to have a few people over to your new place. For another (and more important reason), having a few people over for drinks and laughs is great way to meet your neighbors. Given that you’re in a new city where it’s very likely that you won’t know many people or that anyone you do know is some distance from you, getting to know the people in your neighborhood is great way of making new friends.

A few things to bear in mind when holding a housewarming. First, as said earlier, moving can be quite a challenging affair, never mind adding a soiree to the schedule. Plan it all so that you can sort things out comfortably, as opposed to frantically sorting out the moving and jumping onto the party and then back to the move. Also, when it comes to invitations, give those you’re inviting enough time to slot your get-together into their schedules. Sending out the invites two days before is good way of ensuring that no-one will show up at your housewarming.

You’re moving to London and making it your new home. There’s no better way to make a home feel like just that than by getting comfortable with the people living around you.



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