If you’re moving to London, you’ll have to experience the majesty of Harrods, the pomp and tradition of Oxford street and Bond Street, and the fun of Hamley’s.  But for a truly unique shopping experience, you need to step out of your  flat and explore some of the more unusual shops and shopping experiences that this city has to offer.

Charity Shopping

This is one of the favorite pastimes of any well seasoned Londoner. Charity shops are found all over the city and they offer great bargains for a great cause. If you’re looking for designer cast-offs then head to the charity shops in places like Kensington and St. John’s Wood. Donating clothing to charity has become somewhat of an institution in England and you can find excellent clothing as well as other collectibles at various charity shops across the city. If you’re particularly good at charity shopping you can find some fascinating vintage clothing and designer items that will enhance your London wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Rare Books

There are a number of shops that handle rare and interesting books, and while you might not be in the market for a signed first edition of an antique book, you can often find some rare bargains and interesting reads. Maggs Bros Rare Books has been in existence since 1853 and handles the rarest of books and fine literature. Just browsing through the book dealers of London in other areas you can find a selection of books that range from the sublime to the ‘cor blimey!

Bespoke Tailoring

If you’re here then you have to treat yourself to a tailored suit from one of the master tailors on Jermyn Street. If you don’t want to drop you cash on an entire suit, then take a look at the tailored shirts at Turnbull and Asser. It’s the height of men’s fashion and all the shirts and ties are manufactured using quality cloth and the utmost attention to detail.

Living in London is about appreciating the finer things as well as the smaller things in life. In this bustling modern city, you can still find tradition and excellence on every street.


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