Churchill was Prime Minister of England not once, but twice, first in 1940-1945, during the second world war, and again in 1951-1955.  The instant thought that comes to mind for most people is his victorious efforts in World War II, and his famous orations and speeches.  Yet there is so much more to Churchill than just his status as Prime Minister and world leader.  Did you know that Churchill was an officer in the British Army, an accomplished historian, a writer, and an artist.  Until this day Winston Churchill is the only Prime Minister to have won the Nobel Peace Prize for literature.

Churchill was the first person to be made an honorary citizen of the United States, (for all you Americans moving to London).  There is so much most people don’t know about this incredibly historic figure, and when your living in London after your relocation is the best time to find out more.  The Churchill War Room chronicles the most famous of all Brits and lays out the 60 years of political service he performed.

The Churchill War Room is one of the top 10 attractions that your London Pass will get you into for free.  This is the location of the underground master headquarters of the war effort.  It’s a must see for all those living here.  What’s great about this attraction is that it’s completely interactive and runs at your own pace.  There is a 15 meter long lifeline chronicle of Churchill’s life that allows you to digitally access each and every entry point, so the visitor can further investigate beyond the displays.  There’s a great deal of footage as an expat you’ll be glad you’ve seen so you can really get a good understanding of why the native English population have such extreme loyalty and pride with this incredible icon of London.

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