Living in London is relatively safe but like any big city, you should be vigilant especially when you are around unknown areas or even travelling at night as there are unsafe and opportunistic situations that may occur. We may know and be aware of how to act in risky circumstances but sometimes we become negligent in public places. As a newcomer to London you should familiarise yourself with the steps you would need to take should an unpleasant incident take place.

The most common items that are likely to be stolen are bags, wallets and mobile phones as thieves tend to target congested areas. Always trust your intuition; it is there for a reason. There are many things that you can do to lessen the likelihood of your bag, wallet or mobile phone from being stolen. Women are likely targets in this regard and should therefore pay close attention to their surroundings.

Your bag should be in front of you at all times and if you are walking, the strap must be held firmly over your shoulder. If you are using a backpack, ensure that the bag is securely closed and when in an area full of activity should not be worn on your back. Be careful of any behaviour that might divert your attention, as theft could be committed in that instant. You must ensure to never leave your bag on the floor when you are sitting at a restaurant or cafe.

Mobile phones are also an easy target for thieves as they can be taken at any point, be it from your hand, from your bag or a table. Do not use your mobile phone plainly when walking in the street and in areas that are busy as thieves look out for people who are oblivious of their surroundings. Ensure that you are aware of your mobile phone’s important codes that can be used to bar your phone from being used in the event of theft.

By adopting sensible attitudes and conduct while you are living in London, you can avoid most of the dangers you may encounter and minimise your odds of experiencing crime before the unthinkable happens to you. Be on your guard.





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