If you’re moving to London, you’re probably already concerned about the cost of living. I don’t think anyone is oblivious to the fact that this is an expensive city to live in, particularly where renting an apartment is concerned, so you want to pinch your pence where you can.

There are assorted means of obtaining great discounts on food and recreation (we have a good list running on our site under “Resources“), and the one I’d like to feature today is the Nectar card. With Nectar (www.nectar.com), you can accrue points just by spending on the everyday sorts of things you’d have to be buying anyway and then redeem them for other necessities or indulgences!

You can pick up your card on site at a Sainsbury’s, BP, or Homebase store in London, or order one online. You may then register your card online and start reaping its benefits. The website will show you where in London or UK at large you can accumulate/use points, offering a variety of categories like food and beverage, home and garden, entertainment, health and fitness, and even travel (companies like BP, Expedia.com, and Hertz participate).

Just like we are proud to share its client testimonials to reinforce the value of our services, Nectar’s website provides them from its users as well, along with tips on how to use your points effectively.

Your London move is going to introduce you to so many fantastic experiences, so if you’re relocating on a budget, maximize the extent to which you can enjoy the city’s delights by spending smartly and actually saving money by shopping!

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