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The United Kingdom is considered the reading haven of the world as a result of its great command of the English language. While you are living in London you will be able to visit some of the finest bookstores in the city. These bookstores enjoy an eclectic mix of literature from hottest new releases, academic to classic mint condition books. The abundance of subjects offered at these bookstores has inspired the more proficient readers to invent the Bookstore Hall of Fame.

The Bookstore Hall of Fame also includes bookstores from the United States and Canada. These bookstores are ranked in terms of variety, the ambience, the staff and events where applicable. When you are out and about London you can quench your literary thirst by visiting one of these bookstores:

Foyles is on 919 Charing Cross Road, Soho. This is one of London’s famous bookstores with a great selection of books; it also features an art gallery and a cafe. Blackwell’s Bookstore is situated on 100 Charing Cross Road and has other stores in and around the UK.  Famous for its academic selection it also has a general section that one can browse in. Hatchards on Piccadilly was established in 1797 and is considered a historical landmark.  For your reading pleasure you will have a choice of non-fiction, fiction and special publications.

Waterstone is also regarded as Europe’s largest bookstore which is spread over 8 floors and contains a gift shop, a restaurant, an art gallery and the book signings that are a favourite with the patrons. There are other top London bookstores in London that are on their way to be included in the Bookstore Hall of Fame like Stanford’s, Grant & Cutler, The Travel Bookstore, Bernard J Shapero Rare Books, Oxfam Bookstore, Southbank Book Market and Daunt Books to name a few. The ambience and the staff of these bookstores go a long way in creating a readers heaven.


When you are living in London, you will want to be part of all things arty and cultural in your new city. To get a complete literary shopping experience these bookstores are a must for all booklovers.



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