Living in London, are you? Stands to reason that you must have a London flat or an apartment of some sort. If you’re going to be living in London for a few years then you don’t just want a place to live in and come back to after touring the sights of London. A flat isn’t just a flat. It’s meant to be a home. A place where you can put your feet up, laze around and have friends and family over for a party. Smartening up your place with all that makes it worth living in, goes some way to making it feel like your home.

Let’s consider what you plan on doing in your London flat. Sitting around doing nothing or reading a book means having something to sit on. Don’t just go the IKEA route like so many others have. Hunt around for the wealth of stores selling furniture dotted all over the city. Islington’s Twentytwentyone and Aria should do you quite nicely for a comfy setup in your lounge, and you really do want it to be as comfortable as possible for those blisteringly cold winter nights. I know from personal experience that there is nothing quite as pleasurable as sitting snugly in the comfort of my sofa (with or without someone) while a flurry of snow lashes the double glazing. If you’re a bookworm, a bookshelf can also help give your place a homely feel , instead of having mini stacks of books scattered all over your London flat. Remember that not many flats have fitted cupboards, so you’ll want to invest in some wardrobes and closets as soon as you move in.

Of course, sometimes you really do want a bit noise in your place, some music or from the TV (get used to calling it the telly if you want to be a true Londoner). As any real Londoner should know, the best place to get electronic equipment to kit out your place is Tottenham Road. Conveniently, for the purposes of furnishing your home, Tottenham Road is divided into two parts; the Southern half at Oxford Street has any number of stores selling electronics, and the Northern half at the Warren Street side has a variety of stores devoted to home furnishing.

Remember, you’re living here. It’s not just your Flat. You want it to be your home.


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