As expensive as living in London can be, particularly for the Americans moving here who seek popular expat areas to live like South Kensington we’ve been highlighting as of late, there are great things to do free while living in London.  Hyde Park is just one of the many of Her’ Majesty’s Parks that offers everything you could want in a park that spans 350+ acres.  Right in the heart of the city there is food and recreation of all types at the park.

No doubt that London relocation agents will drive you near Hyde Park if you’re an American moving to London and looking at flats.  It’s rather expansive and offers many activities from sports to boating, from ice cream vendors to three course meals.  Worth seeing, and close to the hearts of many is the Diana Memorial Fountain. The fountain runs in a circular shape and is made completely of granite.  It is said to symbolize her life as well as her openness towards others.  You can even sit on the edge and dangle your feet in weather permitting.  It also has three bridges that enable you to go to the center of the fountain. I’ve been and it is very serene and moving.

The boating is another fun thing that I’ve taken advantage of in Hyde Park.  Living in London you wouldn’t expect that you could go paddle boating (they call it pedal boating which is probably more accurate).  The Serpentine allows for row boats and pedal boats and they seat up to six, though we only went out with two.  It’s a relaxing summertime day, but you must get a ride on the only solar powered boat around on the lake.  The Solarshuttle holds up to 40 and it is a silent ride gliding along the lake, it’s very different to be moving in a boat that has no motor.

Yes Hyde Park is just one of the many free things to do on a summer afternoon or evening.  For you Americans moving here, particularly if you’re interested in living in the Kensington area, Hyde Park is one stop you want to make.


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