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A great way to complete your relocation to London is getting a pet for the house. Yes, this means being responsible for picking up poop and cleaning up whatever other messes it makes, but, particularly if you’re the sole occupant of your place or even if you’re living with someone else, getting a pet can add a sense of fun and vitality to your place that could otherwise be missing.

Admittedly, there will be the question of whether you’re allowed to have pets in your flat and, following that question, what kind of pet would most comfortably suit your place and your lifestyle. Do you want a cat, a dog, a bird, etc.? If a dog, big, medium sized, or hand-bag sized? It won’t do to have a modestly-sized apartment only to get a Great Dane and have it pounding all over your place. Also, unless you’re going to hire someone to sit the dog for you, you’ll also have to take into account that it’s on you to play and spend time with it should it need that attention.

If you are interested in getting a pet for yourself,  just bear in mind that those are the kind of things that you’ll be responsible for. Yes, it’s cute when it’s a puppy (this blog is based largely on the assumption you’ll be getting a dog) but then they eventually grow up and you’ll have to consider that when getting your pet.  Another thing to consider is having a look around your area for any parks or fields where you’ll be allowed to let your dog off its leash and let it run free.

As for getting your ideal pet, there’s any number of animal shelters that you could visit or websites advertising animals up for sale or adoption. On that note, should you find an animal that takes your fancy on a website, don’t commit to anything no matter how cute the photo is. You’re going to invite it into your home. Make sure you know what you’re getting because getting a pet can really be the cherry on top of your  relocation to London.



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