Moving to London Guides are great. Useful, full of important info on how to get over here, how to plan ahead and what to pack. We love them. We hand them out by the dozen in the London Relocation offices, we send hundreds out via email and have even been known to fax a couple. They are, in fact, essential information for anyone moving to London.

BUT… What About Living in London?

At London Relocation we can find you a the perfect London pad in just one day, we can set you up with a bank account, help you with utilities, internet, phone etc but we can’t prepare you for what it’s going to be like living in this magnificent, maddening city that we now call home.

Fun Fact – Everyone who works at London Relocation is an expat. That means we’ve all moved to London, at least once, sometimes twice. We’ve been there, had the hassles, stress, panic and we really DO understand what you’re going through, but I digress…

What’s it like to live in London? We put together a list of the unexpected things to expect after your move to London.

Living in London – 7 Things You Never Expected…

living in london transport

  • You will learn to never leave home without your Citymapper App or your London A-Z. Trust me on this. Also, you’ll rush everywhere. Also there are always thousands of people out and about.
  • It takes 45 minutes to get anywhere. Whether it’s 2 miles or 25 miles, in London, every journey is never less than 45 minutes. Get used to it.
  • You will never keep up with all the openings, events, popups, new bars, exhibitions, art, restaurants. Just when you get around to going, there’ll be some place else that is the latest trend. You’ll end up ‘going down your local’ most nights.

living in london parks

  • Parks! Parks everywhere – in the summer months it’s fabulous. Also loads of open space for dogs – it really is a pet lovers paradise.
  • Foxes in London, and the sound of said foxes having sex. Yes. In London. In the city. ‘Nuff said.

living in london walking

  • Carrie Bradshaw may have been able to run around New York in her Jimmy Choo’s. It won’t work in London. You walk everywhere! You will invest in a pair of sturdy, comfortable walking shoes. Immediately.
  • Last, and certainly one of the most unexpected: You’ll fall in love with this crazy city, and defend it to anyone who dares complain about it.

Just like we do.

Welcome to London, my lovelies!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS