If you’re living in London there are a million reasons to get your groceries delivered, and you can use these handy excuses for the folks back home when they ask you why you don’t go grocery shopping any more:

  • “It was past midnight and we’d run out of wine.”
  • “We work really hard in London and don’t have time for shopping.”
  • “The shops are closed on Sunday evenings, and we really fancied a roast.”
  • “Ever tried heaving your shopping home on the tube?”

You don’t even need an excuse to tap into the magnificent home delivery network that most of the grocery stores operate in London. Remember that the closer to central London you live, the smaller the grocery stores get. Living in London means that you’ll have to forego your usual Mall shopping experience, but when you have the internet at home then the world is your Mall!

Sainsbury’s is a massive grocery chain in the United Kingdom and they offer delivery right to your door. As soon as you sign up on the site, enter your postcode and book your delivery time. The price of home delivery from Sainsbury’s will usually depend on the time that you request and how much you buy from them. You can get everything from Sainsbury’s online and they guarantee freshness and a prompt delivery. Even for those late night munchies!

It’s not just grocery shopping you can do online. Instead of popping across the street to get a take away (take out) in the middle of winter, you can order online and have a piping hot pizza or curry delivered straight to your door. You should consider using one of the bigger delivery firms that offer takeaways from different restaurants. Hungry House and Just-Eat.co.uk offer menus that correspond to your postcode. That just goes to show you how important it really is, and you can order from up to three different restaurants in the same order.

The great aspect of doing it through the larger sites is that you can indeed order alcohol after hours, and nothing goes down better than a beer with your extra hot chicken tikka masala!


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