When you have found out that you are going to be moving to London, your first thought is going to be where to stay. If you have never lived in a foreign city then this can be a challenging time. If you are moving for work, then your employer may have organized you a temporary rental for a few months and given you a relocation budget to get you started. You need to start looking for a flat or apartment as soon as you arrive and one of the best ways of doing this is to consult with a relocation service that handles the whole process.

Find a fabulous flat

Apartments are called flats, for a start, and they range in size from the massive modern developments in the docklands to the small bachelor pads in the heart of the city. The price of flats is very dependent on the area that you choose to live in so a small apartment in Kensington will set you back about the same as a family home in one of the outlying suburbs. You’ll also need to take into consideration the cost and time involved in getting from your flat to you new job. If you are going to have to travel a couple of hours each way, you need to look at options that are closer to your employment.

You’ll only really get a good idea of the scale and size of the city of London once you get here, so make your first days count by getting around and exploring the city. Finding out where you’re going to be working and deciding on which amenities are important for you to have close to your new flat. If you’re moving with children then schools, hospitals and other community activities will be a factor in choosing a London home.

When you’re moving here it’s important that you get as much information about your new home as possible before you arrive so you’re prepared to take on the city with style.


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