Everyone enjoys a good Easter egg hunt and this year Americans living in London can participate in a London-wide giant Easter egg hunt with the prize not a bar of chocolate but a Faberge egg valued at £100,000.  Whether you are in the big city alone this spring season or living in London with your family, taking part in the big egg hunt is a great way to meet new friends, learn the city streets and possibly take home a great grand prize.

Fun Egg Facts

The Big Egg Hunt was created by Elephant Family and Action for Children as a great fundraiser for two great causes.  The hunt included 200 eggs designed by artists, designers, architects and even jewelers.  Just getting a chance to view these creative works of art is worth traipsing across the city!

How the Hunt Works

There are twelve zone maps that participants of The Big Egg Hunt can download that will give clues to help find all 200 eggs.  Once located, there will be a word located on the egg that participants can then text to a given number.  Every text will enter the participant in the competition culminating in one winner of the £100,000 Faberge egg.  As if roaming around London in search of giant eggs weren’t enough fun the planners of The Big Egg Hunt are aiming to set a new Guinness World Record for most participants in an egg hunt.  You can only be counted if you text in your keyword.

Visit the Egg Shop

After (or during) locating all the eggs hidden across the city you can buy a wonderful souvenir to keep to always remember the egg hunt. Located in Selfridges on Oxford Street the Egg Shop has miniatures of all the eggs in the hunt as well as many unique and delightful gifts and souvenirs.  Maps are also available for those who forgot them.  All profits from the Egg Shop go to the charities.

We can’t think of any better way for you to learn the streets located in neighborhoods than to participate in The Big Egg Hunt.  Family members of all ages can participate.  Singles an join teams or create their own team.  This is an great way to learn London, be part of history (setting the world record) and have a great time enjoying the outdoors in springtime. You may not have ever though living in London and Easter eggs went together, but now you know they certainly do.


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