As a London relocation company, we assist our clients with international relocation logistics like setting up a UK bank account, neighborhood orientations, and even school searches. We also like to think our relocation service  includes advising you on all the fun things to do and see here, which is why we touch on that frequently in our blog along with all the nuts and bolts of moving.

Adding to this *free!* service of ours this week will be a very special guest blogger. London Relocation’s own Anthony Gallo, winner of Re:locate Magazine‘s Rising Star in Relocation Award, is hosting his niece, so I’m pleased to introduce you to our newest guest blogger, Remy! A bright high school student on the verge of starting her senior year this fall, Remy will be providing you her perspectives on London as she tours all this grand city has to offer. This stuff isn’t limited to tourists, you know—when you’ve completed a relocation, you’ll want to explore it far and wide in the same way; it would be a royal shame not to! Remy’s point-of-view will also be valuable for those of you who may be relocating with a family that includes teenage children near her age, or if you’re a student moving to London to study abroad. She’ll provide the ins-and-outs of what meets her fancy here and maybe give you a heads-up on what’s okay to miss.

So join me in giving a warm welcome to Remy as she temporarily joins the London Relocation agency’s team, giving you a new window to peer through into the city as you plan your relocation to the UK.

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