Moving to London means that you are living in the middle of one of the finest art centres in the world and you should spend some time exploring the art galleries. Even if you are not that interested in art, you will be able to appreciate the scope and scale of these fine galleries and the history and the artistic endeavour that they represent.

Tate Britain

This is not only a gallery, but it has been one of the centres of the British art world for nearly 500 years. There are four Tate galleries across the country with the largest being here. Situated in Milbank, this gallery is a ‘must-see’ on any tourist list and a ‘have-to’ if you are living here. Tate Britain offers the visitor a fascinating insight into all facets of art and creative installations. If you want to make a day of it then take the ‘Tate to Tate’ which is a tour that covers both the Tate and the Tate Modern. The tow galleries are linked by a short cruise up the River Thames between the galleries. The Tate contains worlds of all of the most famous artists including the sculptor Auguste Rodin whose iconic sculpture, “The Kiss” is well worth seeing.

The Tate Modern is found in Bankside and is a riot of modern art. Exhibitions that will challenge you and enthral you. Housing art since 1900 there is everything to see and many of the exhibitions are interactive. There are important works by many of the world’s most famous modern artists including Picasso and Dali as well as Jackson Pollock and Joan Miro. The Tate Modern also supports the development of modern British artists and designers.

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