Since 2011 began, the number of jobs available in the United Kingdom for people moving to London from Irelandhas drastically risen. This is great news, because not only does it reduce the number of people claiming out of work benefits, but it gives people the opportunity to relocate and start earning an income almost immediately. Although some forms of part-time or full-time employment in the city rely on GCSE’s and other qualifications, it is possible to gain work with a good amount of experience under your belt. If you are moving to London from Ireland for job opportunities, learn the best ways to bag yourself a wage in the city.

Get Part-Time Bar Work

Bar work may or may not fit around your schedule when you are moving to London from Ireland but the truth is that bar work is readily available. As a member of bar staff, you will be required to serve customers, tidy up, use the till and pour drinks. This may not be your ideal line of work, but with part-time employment you can make enough money to afford bills until something permanent and steady comes along. Aside from bar work, you may also have luck with other-part time jobs including retail, customer support centres, administrative assistant jobs and much more. These are catered more for students who are moving to London from Ireland.

Requirements For Part-Time Or Full-Time Work

When moving to London from Ireland, whether it is for a long or short period of time, you will need to fall under a few categories to be accepted for work. There are some requirements to working in the city and it is essential to understand if you meet these requirements before you relocate and start applying for jobs. Various employers will vary in their standards but generally you will need at least two previous forms of work experience, good language and communication skills, confidence, organizational skills and possibly some training with the UK Institute of Tourist Guiding. Updating your CV is a good way to start the process of finding a job when moving to London from Ireland.

Where To Find Work Wanted

To increase the chance of getting employment that supports you when moving from Ireland, you should make use of the Internet. Job sites are a good place to start and here you can speak with potential employers and like-minded individuals for tips. Post your CV, what you are looking for and contact details on these sites and wait for a reply. If you look online every day for jobs, you will see opportunities for healthcare, construction, accountancy, teaching, domestic, catering, beauty, office work and technical work when moving to London from Ireland.

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