After living in London you will need to start thinking about your career plan if you haven’t already put one into place. The city has many green and lush grounds that need maintaining, as well as an assortment of gardens owned by residents of the city. A large portion of these people will require a gardener to help them keep the grounds looking attractive and this is quite a good way to make an income. If you have a skill in gardening and you want to become a gardener when you are living in London, take into account the following tips.

Use The Internet

The Internet will be a good place to start when you want to find a gardening job while living in London. The World Wide Web is crammed with resources for employers to seek out employees who have relevant skills to perform well and earn an income. Consider using websites on a daily basis to apply for jobs and display your skills. Some websites to think about will be,, and These website are well-known and cater specifically to gardeners, so if you construct an attractive and impressive CV, the chances of getting an interview and potential job when living in London will be highly possible.

Be Active On Social Networks

Social networking is a good place to find gardening jobs and because so many people socialize and use sites like this for business connections, it is a valuable source to make use of. By updating your profile and being constantly active on these websites, other users will see the type of job you are interested in. Many businesses will even start their own group page for a business, so that potential employees can display their talents and apply for a job. Combining this with use of the Internet and job websites, you can get a temporary or permanent form of employment when you are living in London.

Build Up Experience

Experience is a necessity and should not be overlooked because there will be numerous other people who enjoy gardening and want to earn a living from it.  Experience could come from anything, such as working in a store that stocks plants and tools, to completing some basic gardening jobs for friends and family.  Proof of how well you can do a job will be worthwhile because it enables the employer to choose you out of a multitude of other candidates. Consider updating your CV so that you have every necessary detail incorporated into it while living in London.

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