When you are moving to London you will start hearing about ‘The City’. The city of London is a large city and in that city is an area that is called ‘The City’. Relocation to London can be confusing can’t it?

The City

If you are moving to London and will be working for one of the large multinational corporations there is a good chance you’ll be working in ‘the city’. In fact, after a couple of months, you may even be known as one of the ‘city boys’, even if you’re a girl.

The city is a small area with boundaries that have not changed much since the Middle Ages. It is heart of the financial, business and government, and it is where you will be working after your relocation. It is also known as the ‘Square Mile’ and nearly half a million people work in this vibrant and busy area of London. Only about 10,000 people live in the borders of ‘the City’ which may give you a better idea of the numbers of people who commute each day.

The ‘city’ is run and managed by a local council called ‘the City of London Corporation’ which is headed up by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, which is quite a different person from the Mayor of London. Inside the unmarked boundary of ‘the city’ you will find the Smithfield and Leadenhall Market and it has its own police force – The City of London Police. The rest of the city is policed by the Metropolitan police service found at New Scotland Yard.

When you are settled into your new apartment after your busy relocation you may want to take a tour of ‘the city’ and take in the bustle and frenetic pace of the heart of the city. The city is the financial capital of the United Kingdom and can be compared to the financial district of New York City. The London Stock exchange and the bank of England are headquartered in the city. It is the world’s largest foreign exchange market.

Fortunes are lost and won in the trading rooms and bars of the city, and working in ‘the city’ has developed a certain cachet over recent years.

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