Living in Londonwill mean you really must get some form of employment, so that you can afford basic living expenses and still have funds left over for a social life. If you are good at communicating and selling, then a retail job in the city would be ideal. London is a city known for its fashion and this has resulted in hundreds of brand name clothes and accessory stores opening up on every street corner. To take advantage of these job opportunities when living in London, you should take action and prove that you are the correct candidate for the job, in a city where retail jobs are sought after.

Visit High Street Stores

Try not to be too picky when living in London, because you are not the only person seeking out a job. There will be thousands of other residents in the city hoping to work in their favorite clothes store. You should not only apply for the high street stores you favor the most, but also some other smaller chains. Take a walk around the city and look for any job advertisements noted in the windows. Alternatively, ask to speak to a member of staff and discover if there are any openings for those people living in London.

Create A CV & Assess Your Skills

Your Curriculum Vitae, or your resume, is the best way to display how well equipped you are for a retail job. Most employers will not look at you twice if you do not have a worthy resume to hand in. Consider looking over your current job application and tweak it to conform to what a particular employer is searching for. Include all relevant experience, your goals, qualifications and contact details. Remember that most retail stores want you to meet targets and have good communication skills, so that shoppers can confidently talk to you without feeling pressured. Ensure you are able to make a sale when living in London, because retail jobs are sometimes based on commission too, so you would fare well if you are a natural seller.

Apply For Jobs Daily

Do not apply for a bundle of jobs when living in London and leave them for a few weeks or months, waiting for a reply. This is a sure fire way to not get a job. The employment market is seeing more people than ever out of work, so it is likely you will be scrambling for a job, along with the many other people hoping to earn a living. Use online resources, visit a career advisor and hand your resume into high street stores on a daily basis until you get an interview for a job when living in London.

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