You will discover many different restaurants when you find a flat in London and if you have a passion for cooking food, you should think about getting a job as a chef. London has many opportunities for people interested in all career sectors, chef jobs being one of these careers. No matter what part of the city you live in, it is possible to travel from place to place so that a chef job can be found. Make use of the following tips to get a chef job in London after you relocate and find a flat in London.

Use Job Websites

It is an obvious option but many people fail to use job websites when they find a flat in London. There are many UK-based job websites that employers will use to post job advertisements on. Some of these include and Perform some research to ensure that you are using the best websites and be sure to improve the appearance of your CV. To really be taken seriously as a chef, you should maintain exceptional cooking skills and have had previous experience in working within a cooking environment. Make use of job websites on a daily basis when you find a flat and you are sure to get a reply in no time at all.

Visit Restaurants

Probably the most effective thing to do when you find a flat is to visit restaurants. This does not mean just any restaurant, but the best in the city. You should think about what type of food you enjoy cooking and in what environment you are best at working in. By visiting some restaurants, you can hand in your CV and get to know some restaurant owners, who can provide tips to you, if not a job. Some recommended places to venture to when you find a flat in London will be Barbecoa, Pollen Street Social, St John, Gordon Ramsay’s The Savoy Grill, L’autre Pied, Mezannine Restaurant and The Harwood Arms.

Post On Social Networks

Another powerful way to get noticed for your cooking skills when you find a flat will be through activity on social networks.  Make use of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace so that local restaurant owners, employment agencies and other people can learn about you and the kind of job you are seeking out. By doing this, word of mouth will spread and you can expect some people to offer advice and guidance on how to successfully get a job in the food industry or in other forms of employment that will help to build up your CV when you find a flat in London.

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