Your corporate relocation to London involves more than choosing a new apartment. You need to make sure that you’ve got your finances nailed down with your new employer before you start packing. For many people a corporate relocation to London will be handled by their employer, but it’s useful to check the details yourself before signing a contract

Corporate Relocation Checklist

  • Salary – Will the salary offered as part of your corporate relocation to London cover the cost of living in the city?
  • Housing/Accommodation: Will your new employer help you with  housing costs?
  • London relocation Agents: Ask your employer if they can provide you with a third party relocation services agent to help you find accommodation quickly. They will also be able to help you with smaller details that could become a big issue if you do it alone.
  • Transportation Allowance: Does your employer have a transport scheme? This could have a big impact on where you are able to live and how long it takes to get to work each day.
  • Visas: Will your employer pay for your visas and handle the submission and paperwork or will you be expected to do this yourself? Is your employer going to submit the paperwork on behalf of your spouse/partner?
  • Moving costs: If you are keeping items in storage will you employers cover those costs? Do they have a limit on the amount that they are prepared to pay to ship your furniture and personal belongings to the UK?
  • Will they pay all moving costs of just the transatlantic cost of moving?
  • Are you eligible for a repatriation bonus to help you get settled?
  • Taxes: Does your employer have a good package to handle taxes for your corporate relocation to London? Can they recommend a good international tax attorney to handle the issue of double taxation?

These are just a few of the issues that you need to raise with your employer when you considering a corporate relocation. Planning is always the most important part of your move and if you do it right, and have the right team supporting you, your corporate relocation will be smooth and hassle free.


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