Being Capital of England and UK, London is turning to be world’s leading financial centre which provides lots of business opportunities for individuals. It is one of the most striking cities to do business in the world. You can find great opportunities in areas such as arts, trade, training, entertainment, fashion, finance, fitness, professional services, research, tourism and much more. The good infrastructure, culture and environment of London support the success of every type of businesses.

Here is the list of the business opportunities that that you should know before relocating to London.

Business Opportunities in London

1. Cab Service business

You can opt to start Cab service as business. It is one of the successful businesses in London because people are travelling to London for various reasons; some are travelling for business purpose and others are visiting to spend holidays. You can help those people to move from one place to another. You can run your Cab business especially near airport areas and railway stations.

2. Mobile Cuisine business

In a survey it is being found that 50% of London residents usually not cook food at home and they prefer to eat outside from restaurants or street food shops. This fact makes the Mobile cuisine a successful and high demand business in London. If you can cater the high demands for fast food and can provide the best food to London residents than Mobile catering business is for you.

3. Microbrewery business

Microbrewery means producing beer at small scale (could be from home) and selling them within your own restaurant or pub. If you don’t have enough money to start brewery (large scale) then microbrewery is a very good business to start in London. Its market and selling strategies are different than large scale breweries but microbrewery has a greater influence on whole market share.

Microbrewery business in London

4. Personal Trainer

If you are a fitness expert, musical instrument expert, dancing expert or art & craft expert, then Personal training business is for you. In London there is an extreme demand of personal trainers especially in Fitness niche. You can start your training sessions at in-house, outdoor, parks, health clubs or private studios. If you can look out and determine the opportunities around your location than personal training could be the best income making business for you.

5. Boutique and home care business

This is one of the top listed businesses in the London. This type of facility caters the aged people as well as young ones. If you have enough budgets that might be between £400,000 and £300,000, then you can start a boutique home care business. You can provide people with many modern facilities such as spa, sports ground, and medical facilities at one place with good qualified staff. People will love to join your place.

6. Financial Consulting business

If you owe a degree in Finance and have good experience in providing financial services than you can start a Financial consulting services business. As a Financial expert you can become financial advisor and can provide services in investment management, estate planning, and income tax management to various other business firms in London.  Everyone needs financial assistance whether you are a business man or employee.   So you can give them guidance and earn income from your services.

Finance in London

7.Virtual Call Center

A virtual call centre business could be a great choice because it has a good demand in London. This business can be done from home with too much little investment required. Your job is only to answer queries, solve problems, and cater the request of the callers on behalf of your clients. Many companies usually prefer this because it is cheaper for them to hire a virtual call centre without worrying about the benefits that they give to onsite permanent staff.

8. Training business

If you have capabilities of giving training in various sectors like Information Technology, Finance, fitness, telecom etc. than you can open a training company. You can offer your client with training and development programs that they might need in their business. For example if there is an IT firm then you can offer them training in various latest IT technologies.  You can design and publish your course online to get sales and leads.

9. User testing business

Whenever a company launch new products or services they spend lots of time in finding and fixing the bugs in the product. They often hire freelancer or employees to test their system so that they can improve their market. You can build a business of user testing in which you will provide other companies the services of testing and fining errors in their products. This is a good idea to earn income.

10. Flyers and Banners creation business

Every company is in need of advertising their business to every street, office and home so that they can get leads. One way of advertising is to create banners, flyers, pamphlets etc. and display them on targeted areas. If you have good skill in designing then you can start a flyer business from your home or office and provide high quality designs to the clients. Lots of companies are need of these flyer services so this business can give you a better income.

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