Yup…It’s a complicated, concrete jungle out there and we get daily queries about whether or not we only handle people moving TO London or whether we can help people moving IN London – You betcha! It’s one of core services and while you may not need help getting settled into a new lifestyle, or help learning how to use the Tube, you definitely need help navigating the London property market.

Better to Rent in London?

In an article in This is Money earlier this year, London was identified as one of a few cities globally where it makes more financial sense to rent rather than to buy a property. According to the article, it would take an average of 18 years (with a 10% deposit) to be better of purchasing a property. An article in The Guardian recently gave an interesting viewpoint on the changing culture with respect to renting vs. buying. Many young professionals in London are choosing to rent rather than step onto the property ladder. It makes more financial sense to rent right now.

House Hunting – Be Prepared

You know how the property market works in London. Despite the dazzling array of properties available on the internet, actually finding one that is available is somewhat of a challenge, and when we say challenge, what we mean is soul destroying nightmare! Each estate agent can only show you the properties on their books, and if you see three stunning, well-priced flats in the area that you love that are from three separate estate agents, well, you’ll have to call them individually to set up viewings – we’re talking days here, if not weeks.

Then there’s the lease… #amiright?

Lease agreements and the negotiation process can be tricky: It’s tough for foreigners and sometimes it can be even tougher for residents. Credit checks, references for each person living on the property etc.

You’ll see that we do things differently at LR. We search for properties for you, based off your needs and requirements, where you work, where you want to live and your budget and then take you round to view them all (18 – 25) in one day. Just. ONE. Day. #awesomestuff

Once you’ve chosen the property you love, we then negotiate the lease for you. We don’t take fees from agents, landlords or property owners; our fee comes directly from you. So we work for you. Simple? It really is…

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS