As an American expat you have many opportunities to explore during your time in the UK and one option to consider is to get your MBA. The Financial Times has ranked several UK business schools in the top 50 schools to receive an MBA based upon salaries earned by alumni.  Below are a list of some of the top universities you may want to inquire into while you are living in London.

Get Your MBA While Living in London – London Business School

Those interested in working for their MBAs at the London Business School need be prepared for hard work as the program is full-time and very intensive.  Not only does it require quite a commitment it also is tough to get into.  One of the requirements is being fluent in at least one language other than English and to complete the program on top of a full-time course load students must complete two major projects, an organizational audit project, and a consulting project.  On the up side students are encouraged to take part in a summer exchange program with other leading business schools throughout the world.

Get Your MBA While Living in London – Judge Business School

Part of the University of Cambridge located in Cambridge the Judge Business School is quite competitive and exclusive.  Although the Judge Business School is barely over twenty years old it has risen in prestige to be one of the foremost business colleges in the world.  Students pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees at the school.  MBAs are awarded as are Executive MBAs and Master of Finance degrees.  Perhaps one of the best reasons to attend is the access all students have to all the University of Cambridge services, classes and other amenities.

Get Your MBA While Living in London – Saїd Business School

Home inside the University of Oxford students at the Saїd Business School are primarily interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.  They offer the traditional MBA programs with a twenty-one month program and a one year residential program.  Students are encouraged to think beyond the program with two required projects and a slew of electives to choose from including retailing and design leadership.

England is one of the most impressive countries in the world when it comes to high ranking MBA schools.  Students from around the world travel to the UK to receive their MBAs.  You, the American expat living in London have the opportunity to grab your MBA while there and at the same time increase your earning potential and demand.


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