‘Tis time again for another weekend, another packing tip for moving overseas.

Today’s is certainly going to be easier said than done.  Your move will be far less stressful if you don’t leave all the packing to the last minute.  That being said, though, you probably want your home to feel as cozy and orderly as long as possible, rather than prolong that feeling of being in a state of transition.  I wholeheartedly support that—I am all about my surroundings and do not have an orderly mind unless I have an orderly environment.

The best way to compromise between this and getting that head start so you’re not thrust into chaos in the last hour is in how you approach the possessions you’ve already decided to bring with you (remember?  The ones you already sorted out per my advice a few Saturdays ago?).  Basically, of the stuff you know that you’ll be bringing to London, start packing the items that you do not necessarily need on a day-to-day basis as of now.

For clothing, that’s easy:  pack up the unseasonal outfits, shoes, and coats.

For everything else, it’s a judgment call.  Okay, so you do want to bring some of those books?  Will you be needing to read them before you go?  No?  In the box!  Those home-office files, DVDs, those mixing bowls and martini glasses…will you be desperate to use them in the weeks preceding your move?  No?  In the box!

And don’t worry about still needing the household appliances right up until the day you set foot outside your door for good—you probably shouldn’t bring them with you anyway.  It’s again a judgment call based on US to UK voltage differences and how you may accommodate that.  I’ve written on this topic before at length, so rather than reinvent the wheel, please follow this link to learn more about electrical appliances and UK voltagehttps://londonrelocation.com/blog/london-tips/warning-high-voltage.html.  The good news is, you’re probably going to save some packing space by not having to bring most of those pieces.  The bad news is, you’re going to have to invest some money either way once you get to the UK, be it on converters/transformers and adapters or new appliances outright.

London Relocation Ltd. once again wishes you happy packing for your upcoming move!

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