Hey there—how’s packing going for your upcoming move to London, Weekend Warriors? At this point, I see we’ve accrued twenty-five Weekend Warrior Saturday posts giving you advice on how to put your weekend to constructive use and start preparing for your London move.

What often concerns me with writing a blog post every day is that really good advice proceeds to get buried deeper and deeper into the archives. Though we offer our blog categories in the right margin of this site to help you sort through (as well as a “search” box in which you can enter key terms you’re looking for), I thought today I’d provide a Table of Contents to date for just this category…just in case you happen to be checking it out this weekend for the first time and don’t realize how much you’ve missed so far and can easily catch up on!

So here it is, our Weekend Warrior Saturday archives, giving you tips for moving overseas:

1. Packing your most sentimental items
2. Packing an “Open Me First” box to help you get settled more comfortably, more quickly
3. Sorting your possessions between what to keep, store, and discard/donate
4. Keeping inventory of what you pack and store
5. Deciding what to pack first once you’ve narrowed down what you’re moving to London
6. Securely packing breakable goods
7. Procuring packing materials
8. Labeling moving boxes
9. Packing fragile, tiny, and otherwise delicate items
10. Packing what to carry on the airplane with you when you officially move to London
11. Researching contents insurance for your London apartment and general safety of London neighborhoods
12. Packing heavy items
13. Additional tips for keeping inventory of what you move
14. Sorting out the “little details” – Part 1
15. Sorting out the “little details” – Part 2
16. Packing for London weather
17. Additional tips for packing fragile items
18. Hiring international movers
19. Preparing children for moving house if you’re relocating with a family
20. Compiling documentation for renting an apartment
21. Knowing your local London embassy and UK Home Office for passport and visa services
22. Researching UK phone services
23. Building your London network of friends and other contacts
24. Deciding whether to sell or rent out your current house
25. Renting out your house in your home country for when you move into your apartment

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