What’s the very first step when you’re planning your relocation to London from the USA? Finding out whether or not you can live and work in London is going to be the first challenge of relocation or immigration. Of course, if you’re planning your relocation from the USA as part of a work/jobs program then you’re employer will sort out the details of your visas, but it’s always wise to understand the process in case you have to apply for a spouse or extended family member to join you.

Relocation To London from The USA – Visa Types

Most visas will allow you to live and work in England for a period of between 2 – 3 years. Depending on what type of visa you are eligible for you may be able to apply for an extension at the end of the period. To apply for permanent residency in the United Kingdom after your relocation to London from the USA you have to have been living there for 5 years at least.

Relocation To London From the USA Visa Facts

Sponsored Workers Visa: This is the easiest way to have a successful relocation from the USA If you are transferred to a subsidiary of your company then they will handle the visa application for you and there will be no problems with immigration. Be sure to check that they sponsor your partner’s visa and any family members who are coming with you.

Student Visa: If you intend on studying for a degree in the United Kingdom you can apply for a Student Visa that will last the length of your course and give you another four months after your course ends. The United Kingdom works on a ‘points system’ for entry. To qualify for a student visa you need to have at least 40 points on the scoring system. To get the required points you will need a letter of acceptance from the educational institution as well as a letter from the bank stating that you have enough funds to cover the first year of your studies and your living costs.

Apply for Visas Before Your Relocation To London From the USA

Always apply for your visas in the USA. Trying to get a visa when you’re already here can be difficult and time consuming. Try and do as much as possible to smooth the path of your relocation from the USA before you start packing. It’ll save you time and money when you arrive in the UK.


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