Part of our relocation service to the UK is giving you answers to your questions about your move, about life in the UK, and about working in London.

If you are moving to London for work and you are going to be starting your new job shortly after arriving, then you might want to get some handy hints as to the main differences between working in London and what you might be used to in the United States or Canada. Moving to London can be one of the most exciting times in your life and while it might be overwhelming at first, you’ll soon be able to master the art of living in a foreign country and will be considering yourself a Londoner sooner than you think.

Relocation Service to the UK – Work out Your Differences

What we mean by that is that you’ll have to get used to a few difference in your working life. Some of the changes will be very positive, other will just be different. For the most part there is an international aspect to working in the city so the differences will not be too difficult to handle. The biggest difference that you will find is the amount of annual leave that is given in England. Leave benefits start at about three weeks per year and increase with the length of service. This is much more than is usually given by companies in the States. Public Holidays are considered paid leave, when you are working in London and there are a number throughout the year.


Relocation Service to the UK – Employee Benefits and Pension Plans

One of the biggest differences in employee’s benefits is the structure of the pension plan. The United States has been moving away from company pension schemes and instead has been focusing on having a 401k plan which is funded by the employee to a large extent. In London, depending on the company that you work for, the employer is responsible for 100% of your pension plan. If you are going to be working in England for a few years and then returning to the states, you might want to have a meeting with your potential employer about continuing your 401k payments as part of your overall package.


It is important not to have a gap in your pension payments. Salaries in England and London in particular are paid on a monthly basis, usually around the 25th of the month, this may be in contrast to what you are used to, as many American companies pay their employees every two weeks. One advantage in living in London is the laws governing the dismissal of employees. It is a lot harder to fire someone in England, because of the extremely strict labour laws that protect all employees from summary dismissal.
If you are going to be working in London, you need to make sure that you are fully aware of all your company’s rules and regulations before you start. Getting your head around the subtle differences will make it much easier to adjust to your new working environment.
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