Making a UK relocation is an exciting yet daunting undertaking as you endeavor to transition an entire life (or lives, if you’re making a UK relocation with a family) from one country to another. Aside from the job-searching, packing, and unpacking, there’s a laundry list of necessities to consider to truly integrate into the UK system and culture.

UK Relocation – Before You Move

As I’ve blogged about time and again, no UK relocation is possible without first acquiring a UK visa. Moving abroad to study requires a student visa, but most professionals need corporate sponsorship for a Tier 2 visa. Whether you must obtain this through a job search or existing job transfer, you’ll have to get your visa application and work permit sorted, not only on your behalf but your dependents as well if making the UK relocation with a spouse/partner/children. London Relocation can assist with this as well as procuring your National Insurance card and getting you registered with local authorities as necessary.

Next up once you have your visa and employment/studies established, you’ll need to coordinate moving and freight services to ship your belongings overseas. London Relocation likewise assists with this from start to finish, from helping you pack up your old home to unpacking in your new one. Until you can move into that new home, however, you’ll also require short-term accommodation, be it a hotel or short-let apartment, depending on your length of stay and budget. It won’t be too long if you’re flat-searching through London Relocation’s efficient service, but could also be contingent on whether that search is prior to or after your official UK relocation or whether an advance visit is also a holiday for pleasure or to get other matters situated.

UK Relocation – Once You Arrive

In addition to conducting your home search, London Relocation can provide you with a London neighborhood orientation to acclimate you with London more quickly. You might also consider a visit prior to your UK relocation so you can have a better, advance idea of where to look for your London apartment. Finding a home and moving into it is a major item to tick off that UK relocation list, but even after moving in you need to settle in. Once again, London Relocation to the rescue in helping you get sorted with UK utilities, a UK bank account, renting or purchasing furniture and other home decor, and simply being on-hand as a friendly listening ear and helping hand with whatever other needs and concerns arise.

Oh, but there’s more fun to be had once on UK soil [insert sarcastic tone here]. A UK relocation also means taking on UK taxes, and depending on what country you’re moving from, they could impact you differently. If you’re intimidated by the bureaucratic hairiness of tackling the UK tax system (as well as the US one if you’re moving to London from the States), London Relocation can assist you in understanding the various UK tax forms, rates, treaties with different countries, customs duties on the goods you ship into the UK, and so forth.

UK Relocation – Support for Your Loved Ones

We understand, of course, that a UK relocation could be bigger than just you and your individual needs. If you’re moving with children of school-age, your London apartment search could largely depend on where your kids will be attending school. A school search, then, is something you’ll want to research and coordinate in advance of your UK relocation, and this can be accomplished through London Relocation, too. We’ll help you understand the various different types of UK schools as well as aid your child’s transition to this new environment.

Also not to be neglected is your accompanying spouse or partner. They may need assistance with job-searching if their own career is interrupted by your UK relocation, and it’s always advantageous to establish a new support network as soon as possible, which can be achieved by joining local social clubs, volunteer organizations, and so forth. At the very least, London Relocation can personally escort your spouse/partner around your new neighborhood to introduce all the great places to shop, dine, and otherwise get the most out of London!

And we haven’t forgotten those other special members of your family if your UK relocation also entails a pet relocation. London Relocation advises on the intricacies of the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme as well as what areas are the most pet-friendly and where to obtain pet services, insurance, and passports.

It’s a lot to think about, but don’t be overwhelmed. You have London Relocation on your side to provide you with the most personable service suited to each and every one of your needs. We’re one-stop-shopping at its most comprehensive to ensure your UK relocation is successful.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS