Wanting to spend time with your family or kids? Well, London has more to offer. From cultural attractions to historic landmarks and magnificent city architecture, it’s spoilt of choice. But today the focus lies on Family-friendly places to go in London. And in the following list, we’ve got the best places that are suitable for both kids and adults. Let’s start:


Tower Bridge

The tower bridge never fails to leave an impression on people. And it’s the best family-friendly place to go to. It boasts beautiful panoramic views and provides a thrilling adventure through its glass walkway on a high-level floor. Apart from the stunning view, there is an intriguing story of the unsung heroes behind the Tower Bridge. And lastly, ensure you walk into the spectacular Victorian engine area.

Fee: £5.30/ child, £10.60/ adult
Opening/ Closing: 9:30 am -17:00 pm
Location: London SE1 2UP


London Eye

It’s an iconic and popular place to go in the city. With a height of over 100m, this place gives you a perfect city view from one of the capsules. You will be able to locate famous buildings like Big Ben, parliament house, and others. Due to its slow rotation, the view doesn’t end so quickly and it’s comfortable for kids of all ages.

Also, you will be on the tallest observational wheel in the world. This wheel is found by the side of River Thames, Southern Bank. And besides the day views, the wheel allows for night entry up to 8:30/9:30 pm.

Fee: £12.30/ child, £19.20/ adult
Opening/Closing: 10am to 8:30pm
Location: London SE1 7PB


Madame Tussauds

Do you love watching movies? Well, there is an opportunity to meet some of the popular celebrities at Madame Tussauds Museum with your family. Of course, they are not real people, but the wax statue perfectly resembles the actual people. So, your photo with the celebrities will look authentic.

In addition, there are political figures, the royal family, and sports athletes, among others. And while the museum may have the latest collections of public figures, it’s about 2 centuries old. And the founder was Marie Tussaud, a sculptor.

Fee: £25.80/ child, £30.00/ adult
Opening/closing: 9 am to 6 pm at peak, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm off-peak
Location: London NW1 5LR, UK


Hampton Court Palace

It’s a place of magnificent wonder and stunning beauty. With Labyrinthine garden walkways, it’s a fun place to get lost. And the beauty and charm of well-manicured gardens just make the place pop with different colors. And with gentle sounds from audio installations around the garden, the relaxing mood just takes over you.

Fee: £12.60/ child, £25:30/ adult
Opening /closing: 10am to 5:30 pm
Location: East Molesey KT8 9AU, UK


London Zoo

Founded in 1828, it’s the oldest zoo in the world. It showcases striking animal exhibits allowing visitors to view some of the incredible animals from nature. Whether it’s the Gorilla Kingdom or Tiger territory, the tour is remarkable.

Fee: £20.25/ child, £27.00/ adult
Opening /closing: 10am to 5pm, summer/ 10am to 4pm, winter
Location: London NW1 4RY


London Dungeon

Allowing everyone from kids to adults, London Dungeon is a thrilling venue with frightening exhibits. What’s more, there is a combination of both statues and living museums which adds terror. Therefore, be watchful as anything can spook you, especially the live museum that seems dead.

Fee: £19.80/ child, £25.20/ adult
Opening /closing: 10am to 5pm
Location: London SE1 7PB, UK


London Warner Bros Studio

Explore the real setting of Harry Potter film at London Warner Bros Studio tour. It’s a magical world that gives a live experience of what it feels like to be in Hogwarts’ world. There are also costumes and props exhibits to explore within the venue. As a hurry porter fan, Warner Bros Studio is a must-visit place.

Fee: £33/ child, £41/ adult or a family ticket at £125,
Opening /closing: 8:30am to 10pm
Location: Leavesden WD25 7LR, UK


Thorpe Park

If you have teenagers on the London tour, they will have a blast at Thorpe Park. Known for adrenaline roller coasters and thrilling rides, it’s all fun and excitement. Also, there are amazing attractions for small kids and parents while teenagers enjoy themselves.

Fee: £19.00/ child, £29/ adult
Opening /closing: 10am to 5pm or 7pm
Location: Surrey KT16 8PN


Sea Life London Aquarium

This place gives you a glimpse of what lives in the blue world. It’s the largest aquarium across the city with hundreds of species from the sea. Both kids and adults will be entertained by the wonderful exhibits. Further, it’s an educational place with actual classes if needed. Among the marine life in the aquarium you will find piranhas, sharks, penguins, starfish, rays, and seahorses, among others.

Fee: £16.50/ child, £24.95/ adult
Opening /closing: 10am to 7pm
Location: London SE1 7PB


British Museum

Since 1753, the British Museum has been around to share the history of the city, the country, and the whole world. So, give the family a chance to explore the history of their own country. Afterward, you can also check out exhibits from the rest of the world. With more than 8million exhibits, spare enough time for this venue.

And thanks to the separation of the item into departments, it’s easier to focus on specific regions. For instance, there are sections for African exhibits, Asia exhibits, America exhibits, and the Middle East, among others.

Fee: Free
Opening /closing: 10am to 5:30pm, on Friday 10am to 8:30 pm.
Location: London WC1B 3DG


Lastly, those are just a few fascinating places to visit as a family and have a great time. But that’s not all. It would take you more than a month to explore every attraction in the city. And every day there will be thrilling new places to explore and have fun.

And before you visit these places, confirm whether they are open and also the opening hours. Lately, there have been some venues being closed and opened spontaneously due to the pandemic. Finally, confirm the fee and opening hours, since they tend to differ depending on the peak and off-peak season.

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