A city that is visited by millions every year, but Londoners enjoy the city just as well. Whether you are an art lover or just enjoy it from time to time, living in London is great for that. Another great thing is that London is both a very cosmopolitan city and offers green spaces. So, if you consider yourself a city person and can’t imagine living in the countryside don’t worry about the lack of nature. London displays a diversity of leisure places that suit all types of life. Whether it’s just you out on the town or your whole family planning a day outside the house, there’s always something for you to see and to do.


Explore the Museums

As a city rich in history, it’s only normal to expect a big quantity and variety of museums. It’s very easy to schedule a visit to a museum in London, it doesn’t matter if you’re into ancient history or contemporary art, natural history or art from the Middle Ages, you can find a museum anywhere.

The British Museum, the Museum of London, and the Victoria and Albert Museum are the best museums to visit if you are interested in ancient history as well as ancient historical artifacts. The British Museum is a must if you want to explore historic artifacts from around the world. Such artifacts include Egyptian mummies, Sculptures from ancient Greece and, the famous Rosetta Stone. If you want to narrow down a bit the geographic area to explore, the Museum of London is a good choice. There you can see how the city of London was formed and evolved throughout the time, starting in prehistoric times, and going through the Roman period, the Middle Ages, Victorian London until the present day. On the other hand, the Victoria and Albert Museum is dedicated to decoration and fashion pieces that date from five thousand years ago until today.

If you love learning more about our planet and how it evolved, you can opt for visiting the Natural History Museum or the Grant Museum of Zoology. There you can explore and learn new things about the many ages where dinosaurs lived as well as learn about the wonders of sea life. There’s a whole section of this museum dedicated to Darwin’s discoveries as well as other scientists. To completely satisfy your curiosity about natural life, go to the Grant Museum of Zoology, where you can see a display of thousands of animal species that also include those who have gone extinct.

London is a great city to explore the work of many painters who lived and contributed to the golden age of art as well as other remarkable periods. At the National Gallery, you can observe works by Botticelli, Rembrandt, Turner, Renoir, and Van Gogh. Of course, if you love visual art, especially from the XVIII century, there’s a place you should miss visiting for nothing: the Royal Academy of Arts.

The art of literature is one England is famous for. If you also love English literature, then the British Library is where you should go. The British Library is constantly hosting exhibitions, and some of them are permanent. You can see some of Shakespeare’s and da Vinci’s work at this library all year round. The Charles Dickens Museum is great for this as well as it showcases letters and books written by famous authors.


Surprise yourself by going to an art exhibition

London is one of the many cities new artists choose to go to showcase and improve their art, and it has been like this for centuries. Because of this London is a city that is also known for the many art exhibitions held there. Going to an art exhibition is a great way to get into contact with the work of artists you didn’t know before as well as an opportunity to see some valuable pieces that aren’t available in museums. Some of these art exhibitions can be quite fun to visit with your friends, for example, light installations and photography exhibitions. You never know when you can see new images of space or the deep sea if you don’t try these art exhibitions.


Lots of green spaces

English gardens have been famous for a very long time, so it’s no wonder that London is no exception. From Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens, the list is quite long. These are great if you are in a mood to relax with a book or listening to music or if you want to organize a picnic with your friends or family.

London isn’t exactly known for its sunny weather. You can count with the fingers of your hands the days in London when the sun is out, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the heat makes you want to sunbathe the entire day. So, grab the opportunity whenever you can, knowing that it won’t be a bad decision to spend a day under the sun surrounded by the beautiful nature of the many gardens London has to offer.

Besides just enjoying the fresh air without having to leave the city, which is already a great perk of living in London, the gardens in London usually have more to explore. Many of them have bars and cafes inside in case you want a special drink to cool down. Another very interesting aspect of the gardens in London is that they harbor hundreds of species of plants and flowers. If you like to study botany, these gardens allow you to do just that. On the other hand, if you love plants and being surrounded by them, it’s worth a go too.


London is a city where you’ll never get bored. Whether you have or not the company of your friends to go out with, you’ll always have the company of this city. London has many places to relax, to learn new things, and pursue your interests, so next time you find yourself with nothing to do, step out of the house to see what the city has to offer you right around the corner.

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By BLOG | 31 Dec 2022 | London Tips & Culture