After moving to London and settling a bit it’s a good idea to wander around and find all the interesting London neighborhoods the locals usually don’t mention to outsiders.  For anyone looking for a great dinner in a lesser known neighborhood a trip to Euston is in store.  Euston offers a little something for just about everyone and can turn a gloomy day into a surprisingly delicious evening.  Although the area used to be a no-go for those not wanting to dabble in illegal pastimes, it has cleaned up its act and now is home to a flourishing new scene. Below are some of the hidden gems one can find in this most appetizing of London neighborhoods.


Enjoy London Neighborhoods – Asakusa

Sushi fans all across this city agree that a trip to Euston is due if only to experience Asakusa’s Japanese cuisine.  There menu includes sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. It is often said the best ethnic restaurants are the most unassuming looking and Asakusa could not prove that point better.  This small restaurant has hand-written (in Japanese) menus and is small and unassuming.

Enjoy London Neighborhoods – Camino

Why travel to Spain when extraordinary Spanish food is available in Euston.  Camino, Cruz del Ray, is one of our favorite secrets. American expats can come for the tapas, for the drinks, or for the unpretentious dining experience of a lifetime.  Although the atmosphere is warm and homey, the price is anything but.  Prices are a tad high but everyone agrees it is well worth it to enjoy the best Spanish food England has to offer.

Enjoy London Neighborhoods – Kitchin

For those expats seeking a truly unique dining experience a trip to Kitchin is in order.  This restaurant will take guests around the world in one meal.  Chefs prepare Thai, Italian, Indian and Chinese dishes right in front of guest’s eyes.  All food is prepared out in the open and there is a buffet available as well.  This is truly an eclectic mishmash of flavors yet the result is outstanding.

Although a trip to King’s Cross (Euston) would raise eyebrows just a few years ago it is now becoming quite the hip place to be.  As an American expat being able to explore London neighborhoods once forbidden even to localsis a treat in and of itself.  Add to that great food from around the world and there isn’t a reason in the world not to make the trip.

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