For those wishing to really celebrate their international relocation with a date night after moving to London, England splurging on a dinner at one of London’s finest restaurants is a wonderful decision.  Although most people moving to London, England don’t consider British food to be gourmet fare the city is host to many cultures featuring many wonderful and extravagant restaurants perfect for a romantic date.

Royal China Club – Located in Marylebone couples moving to London, England, will fall in love with this upscale Chinese restaurant offering a tranquil retreat.  The menu is extensive and offers lobster cooked fresh from the large aquarium in the foyers.  All types of seafood are also on the menu as well as duck and an assortment of traditional Cantonese dishes.  Reservations are highly recommended as the Royal China Club is very popular for date nights.

Trinity – Those just moving to England, in search of a truly elegant dinner would do well to consider this modern French restaurant.  Stylish in setting the menu is extensive and sure to please even the pickiest gourmet.  Their wine list is impressive as well.  Well-known chef, Adam Byatt, is the owner/proprietor and has received lavish reviews for his Trinity restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay – The now infamous Gordon Ramsay’s namesake restaurant is one of London’s finest and a hit for couples after moving to England.  The menu is top-notch and the staff bend over backwards to help guests.  The atmosphere is fun and comfortable.  This restaurant is perfect for an American couple wanting to enjoy their dinner in a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere.

Nahm – For those Americans just moving to London, England wishing to spend a date night like royalty dinner at Nahm may be just the answer.  This decadent and plush Thai restaurant is located inside the very posh Halkin Hotel just off Belgrave Square.  With many amazing dishes to choose from diners will no doubt sample some of London’s finest Thai cuisine.

There are too many amazing restaurants for new couples, just moving to England, to explore on a date night to mention in this one post.  We recommend that whatever budget a couple may be on, or whichever cuisine they are used to eating they go out on a limb and try something brand new.  After all, after moving to England from the States one should be getting used to bravery and trying new things – eating should be no different!


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