There’s no denying the fact that love is in the air, but here’s the thing – not everybody feels the same way about chocolates, cardboard hearts, and the color pink.

Why make St. Valentine’s day about those trivialized tokens of affection then? Especially in London, a city that’s known for its open-minded nature and the passion for quirky, unorthodox fun!

Without further ado, we present to you our list of hot date spots that are oh-so-romantic and somewhat novel at the same time!

Luna Cinema

Everybody can go and watch the next big St. Valentine’s Day flick in the cinema. Heck, those places will probably as crowded as the Tube in the morning on the 14th of February.

Few can boast enjoying a rom-com under an enormous skeleton of a whale!

That’s right, the Luna Cinema taking place in the Natural History Museum is a remarkable opportunity to both watch a great movie with a lovely date, and learn more about the world around us.

Pro tip: those of you who will get here before 5 pm will get a chance to wander around the museum’s Life in the Dark exhibition.

That and the fact that the guys at the museum are giving away free popcorn with the tickets definitely seal the deal for many of nature and wildlife enthusiasts out there.

Wimbledon Theatre

Sweet and cuddly teddy bears may be the symbol of St. Valentine’s day on paper, but the spooky and scary monsters are doing a much better job at making you want to hug one another and never let go.

And that’s exactly why we suggest that all classic horror lovers check out the Rocky Horror Show at the Wimbledon Theater.

Come here expecting an excellent performance from West End star Stephen Webb and Kristian Lavercombe, inflammable tunes, and an unforgettable atmosphere.

The show will be running until the 16th of February so this St. Valentine’s day might be your last chance to witness the rock-&-roll masterpiece.


Few things embody as much passion, recklessness, and raw power as the good old muscle cars and vintage automobiles. Luckily, there’s a place in London where one can scratch his retro ride itch on St. Valentine’s day, and it is the London Classic Car Show at the ExCel.

Expect to hear from Jaguar’s Director of Design, witness an impressive collection of aero engine cars, and, of course, the Grand Adventure runaway show.

The Orchid festival

This event is not new to London as the festival will be returning to Kew for the 24th year in a row, and yet it never seizes to surprise and surpass expectations.

Witness the magnificent festival of tropical colors that redefine the sensations of sight and smell in the middle of winter. How romantic is that?

And one for the dog lovers

Love Hounds is a special St. Valentines event designed to allow dogs and their owners to express love to each other on an unseen before scale.

Expect to see a fair-like event filled with pooches and their hoomans with treats sold on every corner to satisfy even the most demanding of sweet tooths, and that’s not even the best part! What’s really wonderful about the event is that the money raised will go towards a great cause – a charity for puppies who are currently having a harder time than your loved ones.

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By BLOG | 31 Dec 2022 | London Tips & Culture