If you are anything like me then you’ve been rocking those ugly Christmas sweaters look for at least two weeks. Your home is probably shining with all kinds of colorful lights and the eye-candy Christmas tree cranks up the holiday spirit to eleven.  

And yet you feel like you’ve missed something very important…

Here’s the thing – Christmas is a holiday that includes every member of your family big or small. So, maybe your pet would enjoy a holiday makeover?

Because I know these ten Santa’s little helpers enjoyed theirs!

PS: Watch out form major cuteness overdose. You have been warned.

1. Rudolf has serious competition this year

I never thought that a Chihuahua can lead a sleigh side by side with eight magical flying reindeer. Now I know that even the smallest of us can give Rudolf a run for his money.   

I guess size doesn’t matter after all;)

2. Santa’s little helpers

“What? This strange bearded man brings presents for me and my hooman? But he is so ancient! I guess it is up to me and my mates then, to help him with his very important mission of fetching the new rubber duckies.”

Ok, all jokes aside, I have never St. Nick as happy as he is on this photo. I guess he really needs his little fluffy helpers.

3. The *chi* wise men

The story tells that there were the Three Wise Kings or the Biblical Magi that greeted Jesus into our world. The story doesn’t specify that they were human though. How do you feel about this take on the classic Gospel?

4. The Christmas hopper

I sometimes wonder why aren’t bunnies ruling over our world. I mean, come on, I’d follow these adorable eyes to hell and back, no questions asked. I guess these lovely hopping, carrot-eating embodiments of beauty on Earth are simply too good for us, mere mortals.

What a shame…

5. The guinea pigs of Christmas

These elves are definitely up to something special. What’s their plan you ask?

Quite simple.

They were sent to this Earth with a mission of bringing Christmas joy and the holiday cheer to everyone who sees them.

6. Christmas? Never heard of it!

It’s only a dog’s primary job to protect the owner from anything creeping down the chimney at night so no one can blame this power couple for fulfilling their sacred duty.

On the bright side – you know you can sleep without fear when you have guards like these two.

7. Very bunny. Much Christmas. Wow.

Who says that a bunny is an Easter-exclusive mascot? We seriously need more Christmas bunnies, and we need them now.

Is there a petition of sorts? If there is, where can I sign? If there isn’t – why?

8. A very royal Christmas


You can’t deny a man’s best friend his right for royal treatment. Not in this day and age when there are all kinds of accessories such as the George Barclay box bed for dogs that combine your pet’s comfort with a classy look thus complementing your living room.

Now I know what my fluffy friend is getting for Christmas.

A family holiday

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