If you are looking for the best places to live in London as a young professional, you have come to the right place. Looking for a property to rent for the first time in London as a young professional is many times an uphill task for many newcomers. Narrowing down on a suitable area to rent a house or flat in London can be a bit overwhelming. This is because London is a huge city and the pressure of looking for the best place to settle has driven some new Londoners into disillusionment. Some people have relied on directions from friends and strangers in the city with little or no fruits whatsoever. Fortunately, the information here will help you get down to the intricate of narrowing down your search for your dream London home by offering you information on and directing you to the best places to live in London as a young professional.

Best Places to Live in London North of River Thames

Most young professionals both residents and newcomers live North of the Thames in London. Here, you will quickly notice that almost all young people prefer Zones 1, 2 and 3 of the Tube. Part of the reasons for this is because commuting is easier and cheaper compared to other areas. The area is also full of evening activities and cultural hotspots for the young professionals here to enjoy. If you are looking for a cheaper area with lots of activities and young adults as neighbors, this side of London is where you belong.

Best Places to Live in East London

It is notable that West London has increasingly become very expensive to live in. As a result, young professionals moved to the East and have never had a second thought about it. Residents in the lower paid bracket have moved to the East of London making the area perfect for newcomers and residents alike. This is because they have made the area increasing accommodating in terms of new tastes and preferences. If you are looking for the best place to settle as a young professional, East London is perfect. To make the area eve more exciting, galleries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants have erupted to cater for the increasing population and tastes.

But where exactly in East London is the best? The E1 postcode has a mix of different professionals working alongside each other. You can choose Shoreditch. If this does not work for you head straight to Dalston as it is a little cheaper.

Best Places to Live in West London

This is a little expensive but nevertheless quite okay with young professionals. Here you can choose to live in Maida Valley due to its quiet environment. However, if you are looking for the opposite of Maida Valley, then you should head straight to Acton.

It is good to note that North London is mostly suitable for families. However, there is nothing wrong in heading there as a young professional. Great places like Angel and Camden are very popular with young professionals (they are near the East). You can also stay in the South in areas like Bettersea, Clapham, and Wandsworth. Check up our Instagram account for the greatest pics from the streets of London!

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