As a young professional navigating the waters of a burgeoning career, where you live can say a lot about your level of success and your outlook on the future. Looking for property as first-time renter can be a bit daunting. Trying to find a suitable property in a city like London can be a near impossible feat. Because rental properties go so quickly in London, young professionals can grow frustrated trying to find the perfect location. While some might rely on advice from family or friends, others might rely upon a real estate agent to help them. Regardless of what type of advice or help you might be seeking this blog entry will detail some of the best areas suitable for young professionals looking for rental properties.


Urban Landscape

With the ever-changing urban landscape of London before you, it might seem an impossible task to keep track of what is the hot neighborhood for young professionals. It’s constantly changing and the city is always morphing and reinventing itself which is part of what makes London so exciting and part of the draw for young professionals to live there.

The twenty-something young professional will have different needs than a family of four. Their needs will be wildly different from even a seasoned professional couple in their 40s. While the city changes and the neighborhoods reinvent themselves, it can be quite difficult to know where the best rental properties are available.


Top Areas to Live in London

For those first-time renters looking for a great rental property, it can be quite challenging. Narrowing down the right neighborhoods and then coming up with a few appropriate properties all while trying to excel at the new job can be incredibly difficult.

Currently, almost 75% of all young professionals live north of the River Thames in transport zones 1,2, and 4. There is a higher percentage of South Africans, New Zealanders, and Australians however, living south of the river.

Best Places to Live in London North of River Thames

One of the biggest reasons young professionals flock north of the Thames in London is because of the close proximity to the tube. Commuting to and from the center of London is much cheaper and easier in these areas. There are also plenty of evening activities and cultural hotspots for the young professionals to enjoy. Those young professionals seeking a cheap place to live with lots of activities to do along with young adults as neighbors this is the London you should be seeking.

There are more than 1.4 million living in Hackney, Camden, Haringey, Enfield, Westminster, Islington, and Barnet. This brings the population of North London to greater than most entire European cities. This area is vibrant and loud. It is a diverse area known for its cultural significance, selection of bars, nightclubs, and pubs along with plenty of tourist attractions.



Less expensive than most of North London and yet just as convenient with regard to accommodations including transportation and lifestyle options. There are plenty of things to do with a wonderful park with great picnic areas, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

One of the most eccentric of all London neighborhoods and is ideal of young professionals looking for a multicultural vibe. Despite being so close to central London, the nightlife is unbeatable and truly exciting. The rent rates are incredibly reasonable as well.

Because there are so many different cultures living in Brixton, the food is varied and delicious. There is never a problem finding a different restaurant. Two of the biggest draws are Fujiyama which is a wonderful fusion of Japanese and Caribbean cuisine and El Panzon, a Mexican restaurant. There are also dozens of take-out restaurants offering traditional meals such as fish and chips as well as Lebanese, Turkish, Indian, and Jamaican cuisine.


Finsbury Park

Remaining a prime location for young professionals, it is a crossroads of sorts between Haringey, Hackney, and Islington. It offers a great transport hub to all areas of London. There is plenty of greenspace in including over 100 acres of trees, tennis courts, and football fields. This community is mostly compromised of young professionals, newly married couples, and established experts in the finance industry.



Hampstead is one of the most expensive areas in London, but offers sizeable properties with multiple Tube stations and bus terminals as well as numerous green spaces and parks. Because of prevalent wealth of the residents, local schools, both private and public, have flourished as have dozens of independent venues, stores, and shops.



This charming area on the outskirts of the city, is perfect for those of you who are looking for a relaxing evening after a busy day slaving away in London. Many young professionals working for both Ladbrokes and Kodak who have their offices located in Harrow live in this neighborhood. With exceptional schools like the world-renowned Harrow boarding school, the Harrow High School, and Whitmore High School this is a widely sought-after place to live.



For those young professionals looking for an authentic slice of London, one that’s filled with the city’s history, charm, and magic look no further. What could be more London than the neighborhood where Charles Dickens lived?

Filled with lively, diverse culture, this neighborhood has the perfect mix of small shops, quiet green spaces, and noisy pubs to suit whatever whim the young professionals might be seeking.

In Conclusion

No matter what type of neighborhood young professionals are seeking, London has it. Rental properties are available throughout the city and with a little effort, the perfect locale can be had. Whether it is a borough filled with vibrant noisy pubs and brimming with music and art or whether it is quiet and more reserved, there is a neighborhood perfect for each young professional. Finding the best fit is not as difficult as it might seem. There are plenty of properties to be had. Look in the neighborhoods and find properties that best meet your needs.

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