There’s no denying that London is a remarkably vibrant place. It has a little bit of everything your heart desires generously sprinkled across an area of 607 square miles. The Smoke’s diversity is one of the capital’s greatest selling points.

Alas, it is also one of its main weaknesses.

You can live in an area that has amazing commuting routes. You can find a home near lovely, peaceful green spaces. You can settle in the center of the town’s nightlife and enjoy an endless barrage of funfair. Finding an LGBTQ-friendly area is also not a problem in the capital of Great Britain – one of the most liberal and tolerant cities on the globe.

Finding an affordable flat in an area that ticks every box… Let’s just say it is rather difficult, to say the least. Not impossible, otherwise we wouldn’t have been working in the relocation business for 15 years with a 100% success score, but challenging nonetheless.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of gay-friendly areas where you’ll feel safe and wanted while surrounded by the urban comfort of a colorful megalopolis.


This may sound surprising, but according to a research conducted by the My Future Family Show, Newham is the most desirable borough for LGBTQ couples in London. The area has considerably low property prices, a wide selection of 13 schools with tip tier ratings, and an already vibrant LGBT community as its trump cards.

To top things off, the place has undergone considerable renovation before the Olympic Games. It now boasts some of the best transport links in the city.

More than a quarter of Newham’s residents are below the age of 25, and two-thirds of the population come from minority ethnic backgrounds enforcing the strength and bonds of the local community.

A young gay couple will find nothing but security, support, and an outstanding array of opportunities here.

Browse through available properties in Newham’s Canning Town, Stratford, and the Royal Docks.  


Vauxhall, aka VoHo or Vo-zhawl has played a major role in establishing London’s gay culture. It’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern has been a safe haven for the LGBTQ community since World War II. Needless to say, it has only strengthened and blossomed here since.

The area’s top attraction is the local nightlife in pubs, clubs, taverns, and even saunas that are generously sprinkled around the area. The shopping here is great as well, especially if you are looking for some kinky purchases to spice things up a little bit.

Yes, everything mentioned above makes VoHo into a prime example of a dating hot spot, but bear with us for a moment, because the area has even more to offer to young couples moving to London.

For starters, the accommodation here is fabulous. If you are looking for some of the best studios in the city – you’ve come to the right place.

Secondly, Vauxhall is one of London’s largest transport links with Tube, bus, and National Rail stations all nearby. If you need to travel anywhere – and we do mean anywhere – in the city, you’ll get there from VoHo.

Lastly, the area is proud with its award-winning schools like the Lilian Baylis Technology School, and the Griffin Primary School just to name a few.  This is great news for those of you who are planning to raise children in the nearest future.

Browse through available properties in Vauxhall.


What was once “the middle of nowhere” has blossomed into one of the crown gems of London’s LGBTQ-friendly areas. Not to say that everything in the borough goes without a hiccup, but Shoreditch makes up everything it lacks with an astonishing atmosphere and a peculiar nightclub scene.

To sum things up, Shoreditch is the quintessence of the new, millennial London, and home to some of the city’s finest free-spirited artists.

The area was recently “commercialized” a bit, but we can only say that it was for the better, as some of the larger businesses and renewed chains have brought the life of renovation into the area.

One of the coolest parts about the area is that you can find apartments of all shapes and sizes here, though the selection comes with a somewhat “above the average” price.

Browse through available properties in Shoreditch.


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