The best part of the process when you are on a mission to find a flat in London will be the location you actually decide on. Lots of people do not realize that the city boasts a multitude of areas, each with different features. Remember when choosing a place to factor in your requirements, such as who you will be living with, where you work, etc. Consider these top seven locations, so that your hunt to find a flat is made easier.

  1. Camden – This is a borough in the city and it makes up part of Inner London. With a population of 230,000, there is a lot going on in this area of the metropolitan city. Camden is famous for its markets and many apartments making it a desirable place to find a flat.
  2. Bayswater – Bayswater is situated in West London, lining the outskirts of Hyde Park. You can find a flat and various hotels dotted around this location, as well as the homes of many locals. You can find cafes, bars and restaurants to indulge in here, as well as an assortment of clothes and souvenir shops.
  3. Notting Hill – Well-known for its appearance on the movie featuring Hugh Grant, Notting Hill is ideal for people with a bit of class. Beautifully architectural buildings line the streets here and it is based in close proximity to the Kensington Gardens. When you find a flat, be aware that prices can fluctuate for this area.
  4. King’s Cross – This is near Camden and is perfect for youths seeking out accommodation or to find a flat. You can find The London Underground tube station here, making it easy to commute and travel to other parts of the city.
  5. Soho – Soho has a population of over 25,000, making it a more quiet area to reside in, but interesting to say the least. When you find a flat, consider Soho for its fashionable atmosphere and many upmarket restaurants. Being known as an entertainment district makes Soho appealing to people of all backgrounds.
  6. Hampstead – This location is set in the North of London, where a village atmosphere can be experienced. Natural surroundings and leafy parks can be enjoyed here, and while it can be quite expensive to find a flat in London near the Hampstead area, the suburbs will not disappoint.
  7. Canary Wharf – Not many people visiting the city will have heard of Canary Wharf, but it is not to be ignored. Canary Wharf is set in the South East, with good transport links and brand new housing development taking place, making it suitable for anyone trying to find a flat in London.

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