London is a beautiful city. The architecture, the atmosphere, the landmarks – all seem to be taken out of a magical Disney movie or a Hallmark postcard.

The only downside is that you can’t enjoy everything the city offers in but one night out. This is especially troublesome on a date night when you do want to have all of London’s goodness at once.

How about this then – I’ll offer a perfect date plan composed of 3 places for you to consider. All of them will manage to capture the romantic spirit of the Smoke in winter.

1. The Shard

If you don’t know where to go in London – just visit the Shard. This is one of the tallest buildings in Europe shaped like a shard of glass. Climb your way to the top (that’s the 72nd floor, by the way) and enjoy a picturesque 360-degree view of the Capital.

What are the pros of coming here in winter?

  • You get to see the whole city in its snowy grace. The Christmas lights and decorations scattered throughout London are an amazing site.
  • You can have a lot of cheeky fun in local attractions. Green screen photos, for once, are an amazing memory you can take back home.
  • It’s warm and cozy inside.

What are the cons?

  • There is only one, really. You’ll need to cough up some quid. Every attraction costs 15-20 pounds, plus you’ll have to pay for the entry ticket.

2. The Borough Market

This wonderful market is tucked away under the London Bridge but you can’t afford to miss it if you like a good snack. The place is a foodie’s paradise!

Once you arrive, the first thing you’ll notice is the tempting smell of chocolate floating around the air. Then you’ll be treated to eye-candy stands, carts and storefronts. All of them are creatively decorated in an appealing, rural manner.

The next thing you’ll notice is that the selection of food and drinks here is out of this world. Everything from delicious, freshly-baked donuts to some of the finest hotdogs you’ll have in your life is on display.

What are the pros of coming here for a date?

  • More food than you can eat
  • Seasonal specials like hot chocolate and mulled wine
  • A great selection of small, cozy pubs

What are the cons?

  • Cash only. Credit cards are simply not an option for shop owners here as most of them are relatively small and mobile.
  • The nearest ATM is pretty far.

 3. Roof East

Jamaican sunshine of a rooftop in Stanford in the middle of the winter? That’s Roof East for you – one of the best places in London to have an active date filled with fun!

The place has opened in November and is designed to represent a tropical paradise from Cool Runnings. A tropical paradise that has bobsleighs! And curling!

What are the pros of spending a date here?

  • Tons of active fun
  • Jungle on a rooftop
  • Spicy Jamaican treats and cocktails


  • The place can get a bit crowded, especially during the weekends

Where would you go for a date?

Curling in the jungle, hot chocolate and donuts, and a wonderful view of London in winter seem like a perfect date to me.

What is a perfect date to you? Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below!

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By BLOG | 31 Dec 2022 | London Tips & Culture